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Kelly Ainsworth

Executive Director

Kelly Ainsworth brings over 30 years of management experience to Parkview on Hollybrook. He has successfully managed eight senior living communities and is a Certified Assisted Living Administrator and a Certified Dementia Practitioner.


"Being somewhat of a history buff, I thoroughly enjoy listening to the stories from our greatest generation of the wars they fought, the struggles during the depression their parents lived through and the simple, value-filled lives they lived. We owe that generation a great debt, and I strive to help them enjoy the time they have with us."


Kelly has a small farm near Kilgore, where he enjoys the country life, fishing, hunting and spending time with his family.


Stacy Duncan

Director of Sales and Marketing

Stacy Duncan leads Parkview’s marketing team as our director of Sales and Marketing. With over 14 years of marketing experience, her career in senior living marketing began in 2013 and she immediately found her passion. Stacy assists families in finding the right community to best address the needs of their loved ones.

Stacy has a great amount of respect and knowledge for the vital role each member of our team brings to the community. She sees each day as an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

“There is no truer statement in senior living than ‘our residents do not live in our workplace, we work in their home.’ We work for an amazing company that allows us to think outside the box to enrich the lives of those whose paths we cross daily. It is definitely a blessing.”


Suzanne Nelson

Sales Director

Suzanne Nelson began her career in the senior health care industry over 23 years ago. Since then, she has helped complete 13 new-build launches in four different states. Raised in a close-knit family, Suzanne grew up understanding the importance and wisdom of those who walked before her. She learns so much from our residents every day, just by sitting down and listening to them. Suzanne especially enjoys hearing stories of how the world was and the life experiences of our residents.

Suzanne lives in Hideaway and enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking and reading Jane Austen classics. Outside of work, she has served with the Parkinson’s Association of Northern California and was a board member for the Alzheimer’s Association of Dallas. Coming home to Texas has always been a goal. She is very proud of her 80-year-old mother, Barbara, who was mayor of her town when she was in her 60s and went skydiving when she was in her 70s. Suzanne is a firm believer that adventure keeps the heart young!

Wilda Kincaid

Resident Care Director

Wilda Kincaid has 10 years of nursing experience and is confident she has found her calling in senior living. She enjoys providing quality resident-centered care to our community. In addition to ensuring our community creates an enriching and rewarding experience for each resident, she can be found taking in stories from our residents. She is amazed at the number of experiences this generation has lived through.

Wilda is a proud wife and mother of four children. Away from the community, she enjoys spending time with them, playing outside, road trips and finding new adventures.


Andrea Ziegler

Vibrant Life® Director

Andrea Ziegler is all about the resident experience. Having joined the Parkview on Hollybrook family in 2018, she quickly advanced from the position of activities assistant to Vibrant Life® director. Her experience managing small to multimillion-dollar stores in our local community for the past 20 years has given her the skills needed to understand that taking care of the customer is the top priority. She truly knows how people deserve to be treated and that the best overall experience is key. Delivering the highest-quality lifestyle for our residents is her focus, and keeping the environment fun and energetic is hard wired into her.

“Knowing and understanding my residents is one of the biggest parts of my job. I want to keep them as engaged as possible, and building meaningful relationships with them is a never-ending source of joy!”

Jackie Mayfield

Resident Care Director


Glen Tucker

Building Services Director

Glen Tucker joined Parkview on Hollybrook in August of 2020. As the Building Service director, Glen is responsible for overseeing facility maintenance as well as housekeeping services. Spanning the 15 years prior to coming to Parkview, Glen was the maintenance director at several other local assisted living facilities. In addition, he has a strong background in maintenance and construction with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Glen enjoys working with his residents to ensure their needs are met as well as sharing stories about the history of Longview.

Sarah Parker

Business Office Director

Sarah Parker brings over 15 years of administrative experience in office management, human resources and accounting. She has worked with seniors for over 10 years and is truly passionate about helping the senior community thrive.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two children, traveling, crafts and baseball.

Dennis McKee

Culinary Services Director

Chef Dennis began his cooking career at just 16 years old. He was a cook and kitchen manager in Long Island, N.Y., before venturing into the hotel side of the culinary scene. He worked at the Ritz Carlton in Manhattan for five years, training under various chefs and working toward becoming a chef tournant. His career eventually led him back home to the beaches of Long Island, where he worked in restaurants that served differing cuisines, diversifying his culinary portfolio. After a life shift, Chef Dennis moved into the senior living space, where he has been for 17 years and counting. “There is no other job I want to do more!” – Chef Dennis

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