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More and more families are providing care for an older family member at home for a time, sometimes for financial reasons, sometimes out of a sense of love or even duty. Whatever the reason, it’s a tough job that generally grows beyond what was ever envisioned. For families who must still be in the workforce outside the home, this is an especially difficult situation, essentially turning into a second full-time job.

Generally, family caregivers have little or no training for the job; therefore, caregiving frequently has a negative effect on both the caregiver’s physical and emotional health. All too often it’s the caregiver who ends up with the medical crisis, and research tells us that long-term caregivers are at an increased risk of early death themselves. Taking on the job of providing the care for an adult with increasing needs is no small endeavor. We understand.

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Supportive services at Parkview on Hollybrook

It is critical to have a support network of some type. If you are in this situation, here are some helpful resources we encourage you to use. Then, when the time comes that caregiving is more than you can realistically do, call on us. We are the professionals who provide the loving care your loved one deserves.

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